Maximo Vs Army of Zin
Genre Action -> Platform
Today's Rank 9295
Date 2004-01-20
Publisher Capcom
Date 2004-02-13
Publisher Capcom
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtMaximo vs the Army of Zin is the long-awaited sequel to Capcom's 2002 PlayStation 2 classic, Maximo. The good news for fans of the original is that in Maximo 2 Capcom has improved on that experience in just about every way imaginable. As Maximo--the game's eponymous evil-ridding, polka-dotted-boxer-shorts-wearing hero--players take on the clockwork Army of Zin, whose sole intention is to wreak havoc in the game's villages and thereby send those villagers running wild with fright. Thank goodness, then, that Maximo is so well-equipped in his battle against the Army of Zin. Armed, as he is, with many new attacking options, Maximo offers players more possibilities than he did previously: not only are there 30 attacking moves to learn, but new pairs of boxer shorts equip Maximo with special offensive powers. (Or perhaps that should just be downright offensive...) All of which makes Maximo Vs the Army of Zin a truly riotous adventure. The game builds on the platform action found in its predecessor: Maximo leaps and bounds his way through a medieval cartoon world that is riddled with the nasty clockwork Army of Zin. As his adventure progresses, Maximo is rewarded with thanks and gifts from those grateful villagers whom he is able to rescue--which makes the adventure a thoroughly satisfying one. Combine that ingenious reward system with top-notch visuals and tight gameplay and you have a truly classic title. --Jonti Davies

- A more heroic hero - Maximo must focus not only on saving his own skin, but he must worry about the innocent and sometimes, not so innocent folk. Players will be faced with the choice of saving the innocents in exchange for reward.
- Pump him up with more attack moves and weapons - Maximo has over 30 cool combat motions and combos. Players will find that the character is simple to command and grows deeper as the player progresses allowing for new and expanded attacks.
- Boxers that do more - Now the collectable boxer shorts have functionality. Unleash the power of Treasure seeker underwear and the Boxers of burning vigor!
- Vanquish Bonus system - By fighting faster, smarter and more furiously, players can earn greater rewards!
- Responsive movement - Overall control gives players a true combat feel. Maximo will react with precision as new attacks and moves are learned.
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