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Metropolismania Your job is to create and maintain a city that attracts new residents, while keeping your approval rating in good standing--to do this you must interact with each and every citizen of your city. It is only through befriending the people in your town that you will be introduced to new possible residents. Each citizen has a unique name and personality, along with various issues you must help them solve. Communication is the key. Metropolismania offers much more than just friendly greetings--conversations contain topics of discussion, quizzes, and clues on how to help accommodate the other people in town. There are five different stages, each with its own unique theme. The game offers a wide range of establishments to build: various businesses such as bookstores, restaurants, banks, and hospitals; residential housing such as apartment complexes, houses, and condominiums; and amusement facilities such as nightclubs, parks, and stadiums.

- PlayStation 2
- Over 200 unique businesses, residential houses and amusement facilities
- 5 gameplay stages, challenging and humorous dialogue filled with riddles and quizzes
- Mild language, use of alcohol
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