Midnight Club 2
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2005-04-13
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Date 2003-05-02
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Midnight Club 2 Midnight Club 2 United Kingdom Retail Box ArtMidnight Club II builds on the illegal street racing fun found in the PS2 launch title Midnight Club. Like the original, it pits you against street toughs in non-linear street races in which you can earn new gear, new cars, and even new controls--you're a novice driver at the start, but by the end you're a pro who can land on all four wheels after a jump, expertly control a power slide turn, and much more. New in Midnight Club II are the presence of the police and the ability to drive a motorcycle. Much of the game consists of cruising around three large and well rendered cities: Paris, Tokyo, and Los Angeles, following a red dot on a map. The dot is a rival racer; once you track and chase them down, you flash your high beams and then you can race them. It's a clever way of giving you a warm up, keeping you immersed in the game, and best of all, teaching you the layout of each city. Racing is fun, fast, and furious. This isn't a simulation, it's an arcade-style racer--but the physics system is internally consistent so it feels more realistic than it actually is. Rockstar has put a premium on keeping you in control, keeping the thrill-factor high, and giving you a heart-stopping sense of speed. The graphics are fantastic and the cities are incredibly detailed. As a counter-point, the voice acting is just plain awful. Midnight Club II offers a wide range of game modes, ensuring it will be playable for a long time to come: career, mission, and a mode that lets you just jump into a race. Multiplayer is possible in hot seat mode. All of this makes Midnight Club II a great addition to any video game racing fan's library. --Bob Andrews

- Race on American streets in San Diego, Atlanta, Detroit and more - you'll go faster than ever on much longer streets, reaching insane speeds
- Get from checkpoint to checkpoint while you outmaneuver aggressive computer-controlled rivals - or even more aggressive human racers, in online mode
- Car crashes are painfully realistic, thanks to the new cutting-edge damage modeling - watch as you expensive, fancy ride turns into a smoldering husk
- New Garage Mode for adding high-end customization to your racing machine
- Add style to your ride, with wheels customized with parts from Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Ducati and more
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Midnight Club 2 North America Retail Box Art

Midnight Club 2 United Kingdom Retail Box Art