Mission Impossible Operation Surma
Genre Action -> Adventure
Today's Rank 9937
Date 2003-12-09
Publisher Atari
Date 2003-12-05
Publisher Atari
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtTravel to exotic locations, in numerous disguises, armed with the latest weapons, gadgets and top-secret counterintelligence as you follow a series of hi-tech thefts that lead to Surma Corporation.

- Ethan Hunt and his IMF team will use the latest weapons, gadgets and disguises to stop a corporate plot to dominate the world
- Use your brains and brawn complete each mission -- know when to fight and when to use stealth
- Use classic IMF devices like scanners, inner-ear communicators and disguise kits to get the job done
- Travel to the Middle East, Rome and Eastern Europe as you save the world, in the adventure of a lifetime!
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