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Date 2001-02-16
As motor sports go, there are few more thrilling than motorcycling. Formula 1 is fast, but the cars look like speedy elephants when compared to the crazily unstable looking shape of a 350 or 500cc motorbike. Take one lightweight death-trap, add a loony madman in a leather suit--you the player--and take off around five real-world tracks, modelled right down to the last blade of grass. Super! However, from the instant the starting flag drops it becomes obvious that this is no standard racer. In the early stages it's a swine to control, your rider weaving all over the track like a drunk with a major stability problem. Get over these initial difficulties however, and what you have is a wonderful game that falls somewhere between an arcade game and simulation without ever straying too far into either camp. Multiple modes are, as usual, offered for your gaming pleasure, including the chance to run the tracks in Arcade mode or go for a full season of racing--impressive when you've only got five tracks. The bikes are fully configurable with settings for a myriad of different components and attributes that should keep the serious bike fan happy for hours. Graphically, it's a total treat, in-game images are good and sharp and there's no slow-down as you hammer around the circuits. It's in the replays that Moto GP really shines; notwithstanding the Gran Turismo playback feature there is nothing more beautiful than this game--at times it's easy to forget the TV is displaying a computer-generated image and not straight from Sky TV. Moto GP will not be to everyone's taste, it's initial difficulty level is off-putting, but stick with it for a short while and you'll be rewarded with a great racing experience and a title that's well worth the asking price.--James Gordon
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