MotoGP 2
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Date 2002-02-15
MotoGP 2 United Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe thrills and spills of World Class 500CC motorcycling return to the PlayStation 2 with MotoGP 2 from Namco. Featuring twice the number of tracks of the original MotoGP--10 rather than the original's paltry five--and a number of enhancements which help to make this a sequel rather than a tweak-and-release title, this is fun on two wheels for those jaded by the four-wheel experience. Much of the structure of the original game remains intact. There are three race modes--time trial, arcade and championship. Arcade mode drops the difficulty to base levels, making it easy for anyone to pick up and play; time trial is like arcade mode but against the clock rather than rivals; championship forces you into a full racing season with realistic controls, which make you realise just how difficult it is to keep 500ccs of race-tuned motorcycle on the road. Graphically, there's little to write home about that wasn't present in the first version. The riders have been beefed up in the detail department, giving them more fluidity and therefore making them that little bit more realistic. The biggest overhaul is the addition of wet weather riding, complete with rain effects à la Metal Gear Solid 2--very impressive. Sound continues to underwhelm with some earbending Japanese tunes which can (happily) be turned off through the options screen. Fans of the first game will love the update; newcomers are bound to enjoy the high-speed action of the game. In full-on simulation mode it's certainly not for the faint-hearted or those with chronically short attention spans--to get the best out of this you'll need to practice, practice, practice. Be assured, though, it's well worth the effort. --Chris Russell
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MotoGP 2 United Kingdom Retail Box Art