MTX Mototrax Review

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Graphics: 6.5
Sound : 8.5
Gameplay : 7.0
Multiplayer : 8.0
Overall : 7.5
Review by Steven Ziegler

What makes a Motocross game so special? The sensational feeling that you’re unstoppable, while traveling at 70 M.P.H. Many gamers, including myself, have to thank companies like Activision for making Motocross games. You can travel at high speeds at the comfort of your chair, without the fear of an injury. With many tracks filled with many jumps and obstacles, you’re bound to feel the 'need for speed.’ MTX Mototrax is promised to be the most complete motocross game. Can MTX Mototrax live up to its word? Read on to find out!


MTX Mototrax is a more professional orientated Dirt bike Racer. Gameplay revolves around you combining speed and skill to rise to the top. Instead of having an arcade-ish feel, most of the riding occurs on track, instead of roaming the outdoors freely. Too many, this is great. But for fans of ATV Off-road Fury, you will be quickly shunted away.

When you do manage to escape to a freestyle session, the first thing you’ll notice is the area’s size. The vicinity is cut off by impassable surrounding trees, and the maps aren’t the largest. Of course, each level is represented with prominent jumps, but other then that, there isn’t much else to be explored. Hidden areas are scattered throughout each course, and provide they few extra seconds of thrill. What does manage to impress me greatly are the tracks found in the Racing Levels. Locations are scattered throughout the world, and include many from St. Louis to Australia.

By progressing in the career mode, you can unlock new features such as new locations, to earning money. Placing in a top position will get a sponsor’s attention. Choosing the right sponsor is highly dependant on. After you get a sponsor, you are allowed to upgrade your bike’s parts. Upgrading the bikes’ parts is essential, and it will help you in the long run.

MTX Mototrax is packed with replay value. Once you finish the career portion of the game, you can go through and play the exhibition menu. The multi-player feature is supported both online, and split screen. King of the Hill is an online exclusive event. King of the Hill places you against the other players in an attempt to hold on to the Golden Helmet the longest. Split screen, however, is limited. The only two features supported are the Single Race, and Race Series.

If you happen to get tired of the pre-built tracks, MTX Mototrax provides a Dirt Wurx Track Editor. Here, you can choose a specific location for all your track pieces, and race them. While the size is limited, many jumps and obstacles are available for use. Saving your course enables the use of playing it later for practice or with friends.


For the most part, the graphics in MTX are half way decent. Character models are accurately posed and the dirt bikes have a fair amount of detail. The track’s detail draws the short straw. All of the tracks are outdoors, and mainly composed of dirt and sand- so how much can you expect? However, there are few occasions when the setting is changed to a forest environment. Detailing in trees and water are rendered in bland, dark shades that lead to unattractive sites. The Character’s animation when crashing is dull. Instead of having rag doll physics, your character just falls off without emotion and after recovering from a crash, small spots of dirt are left on your jersey. The graphical presentation of MTX Mototrax is a mixed one. Some tracks lack in detail, but little things such as left over dirt on your shirt balance each other out. The frame rate drops a little, but this problem doesn’t happen constantly. The graphics are pretty average.


As in every Activision and Neversoft game produced, there’s a great selection of music. MTX’s soundtrack revolves around rock titles. Artists such as Static X, Slipknot, and Disturbed are featured in the soundtrack. The dirt bikes mimic real life sounds. When you accelerate, your motor will hum more frantically.


Overall, MTX Mototrax is a pretty average game. While it isn’t horrible, there isn’t any groundbreaking material included. However, I could easily recommend this title to any racing fanatic. MTX Mototrax bundles together the fundamentals to produce an all around good title. Final word- rental.