NBA Hoopz
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date N/A
Publisher Midway
Date 2001-04-12
Publisher N/A
NBA Hoopz is strictly for the basketball fan that thinks the sport is all about spectacular dunks, lots of shoving, and little or no strategy. With the goofy gameplay and exaggerated NBA player renderings, b-ball purists probably will (and should) dismiss this as the dumbest of arcade games for the PS2. Hoopz is basically the latest generation of basketball games in the ultra arcadey NBA Showtime or NBA Jam vein and has little in common with the more accurate simulations of the Live and Shootout series. In most respects it plays slightly better than the older arcade-style titles, if only because Hoopz is a three-on-three game. Most gamers will immediately notice the enlarged heads and huge biceps on even the lankiest of NBA players. Also, the fast-paced action basically canters on hurling the ball around the court as quickly as possible without any regard for complicated play calling. In fact, most ballers can easily jump 25 feet above the rim for ridiculous, death-defying dunks that, of course, deliver the ultimate in sports fantasy. Unlike most of the 2001 season of "real" basketball games for the PS2, Hoopz stretches gameplay with a few mini games. Included are variants on 21, Around-the-World, 3-Point Contest, and even the old school 2 Ball that features two-on-two team play. There are unlockable courts for you to find and you can also create your own players and cause havoc throughout the NBA with wild league trades and customisations. While the courts and backgrounds are decently drawn, the player models are disappointingly blocky and fail to capitalise on PS2's graphics power. Hoopz gives players a backward walk and the give-and-go, among other moves, but the game's emphasis on shoving, steals, and strategy-defying action confounds these nuances. --Mark Brooks
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