NBA Live 2001
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Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2001-02-23
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtNBA Live 2001 should've been the greatest basketball game on earth, but missing gameplay elements and a few other glitches keep it from superstar status. But despite it all, PS2 owners and long-time NBA Live fans will be hard pressed to find a better hoops game for their console for the foreseeable future. The first thing players will notice is how the graphics represent such a tremendous leap beyond the series' previous instalments. In general, players are nicely animated, and there is a good amount of detail to the arenas. However, the individual-player graphics are uneven. While most of the bodies are well rendered, many of the faces are way off the mark. Virtual Shaquille O'Neal's face looks nothing like the real Shaq's face, and most of the NBA's lesser names are completely unrecognisable. Some marquee players, such as Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan, look fairly authentic. While the PS2 usually plays an intelligent game of basketball, the controls in NBA Live 2001 have a slightly sluggish feel to them and take some getting used to. Also, EA stripped away both the franchise mode and the NBA challenges (three-point contests, etc.), which had been in previous incarnations of the Live series. There is, however, an excellent one-on-one mode, as well as many legendary NBA players of the past to play with and against. While NBA Live 2001 doesn't have all you'd hope for in the first pro-basketball game for the PS2, it does have enough game to keep you playing all season long. --Mark Brooks
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