NBA Live 2002
Genre Sport -> Sport
Today's Rank 10764
Date N/A
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2001-11-23
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtNBA Live 2001 was last year's best PS2 basketball game by default. Because of the game's lack of competition, players excused its poor presentation, long load times, sluggish controls, and poor artificial intelligence. Thankfully, EA Sports listened to all the negative feedback and NBA Live 2002 contains numerous improvements over its predecessor. The graphics are the most notable enhancement. Players are far more detailed in this version, sporting the same afros, cornrows, tattoos, armbands, and headbands--among other details--as their real-life counterparts. Further adding to the accurate portrayals is a wider variety of player heights and builds. The game's engine is much smoother, allowing for more natural movement. As previously mentioned, the AI has been improved--players will no longer alternate between standing around helplessly and wandering around aimlessly. The load times that plagued last year's version are greatly shortened. Zone defences are allowed in accordance with the new NBA rules. There are more than 50 new dunk and celebration animations. Franchise mode returns to the series, allowing players to control a team for up to 10 years. As general manager, gamers will have to trade and draft new players in a quest to win an NBA championship. NBA Live 2002 is a great improvement over NBA Live 2001.--Raymond M. Padilla
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