NBA ShootOut 2001
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date N/A
Publisher S.C.E.E.
Date N/A
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Any game that uses Eric B. and Rakim's old-school hip-hop classic "I Ain't No Joke" as its theme has got to be worth checking out. Unfortunately, once the song stops and the first whistle blows, NBA Shootout 2001 proves a little hard to take seriously. While not the worst basketball game ever created, NBA Shootout 2001 (like most 989 Sports games this year) feels as though it was forced to market a bit too early. Overall, the PS2 plays a surprisingly lethargic game. In our tests, many a defense showed trouble mustering enough interest to stop a steady series of lay-ups. You can easily run the same play over and over with the PS2 taking too long to adjust. NBA Shootout 2001 sports some of the best-looking courts yet seen in a video game. Sadly, while player graphics are decently rendered, only marquee players can be identified without a lot of squinting. While most of the animation runs smoothly, ball handlers run with the stiff upper bodies and painfully bad posture of Boris Karloff in Frankenstein. Disturbingly, you'll often witness balls flying through players and even players running through players! When the on-court action becomes intense, such visual problems become unforgivable. If there is a redeeming factor of NBA Shootout 2001, it's the controls. Anyone who has played past Shootout games will easily pick up the 2001 PS2 version. Shootout rookies will also find an accessible round-ball game. However, the sloppy AI, uneven graphics, and lack of play modes (exhibition, season, and playoffs) make for a game that will disappoint most video basketball purists. In a bad year for PS2 basketball, we can only say "maybe next year." Those who can't wait should make NBA Live 2001 from EA Sports their first pick for the 2001 season. --Mark Brooks Pros: Best stadiums in video basketball Solid controls will be accessible to both Shootout veterans and newbies Cons: Defense has no game Disappointing player graphics Horrible clipping problems cause confusion
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