NBA Street 2
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date 2006-09-08
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2003-05-02
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtNBA Street 2 is the best basketball game yet. Although it's an official NBA product, the fact that it is playground-based liberates this from the confines of fan reverence. Instead, especially in the "Be a Legend" option, it has a great sense of humour about itself. The boss of each city, once defeated, can be added to the player's roster--and although they are caricatures, they're fondly and funnily done. Among the best are Stretch (a dunker from Harlem), Dime (a female ball-stealer who resembles the singer Pink) and Osmosis (an Oakland version of "It" player Yao Ming). Parents couldn't find a more kid or teen-friendly game. There's no adult language, and the colourful commentary is fantastic. It's much improved from the original game's repetitive "MJ, go on with yo bad self" patter. Bobbito Garcia, a real-life streetball announcer, should get a "nice work" bonus. For that matter, so should the ambience-noise guys, who included, for example, a single cellphone ring in the background. Those not inclined to love sports games should trust in NBA Street 2--it's visually brilliant, witty and addictive. True basketball fans should get this game immediately, if not sooner. They'll best appreciate that all the old-time players have their moment in the sun; for example, 5,000 points unlocks Dr J, and a billboard between sets advertises Bill Russell and other pioneers. Classic hip-hop from artists such as MC Lyte rounds out the impressive package. --Jennifer Buckendorff

- Play on 12 authentic courts around the world, from Rucker Park in NYC to Venice Beach, California -- even courts in Europe
- Go wild with the Gamebreakers - turn combos into a 3-man aerial dunk assault
- The Trick Stick gives you complete control of the rock -- take your dunka nd slams further, and make up your own crazy moves
- Show off your style with over 1,000 different custom options - hairstyles, gear and accessories are yours to play with
- Build and customize your home court from the ground up - Create a home court advantage with new court surface, net, and backboard styles
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