NCAA Gamebreaker 2001
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Box ArtTalk about complete! NCAA GameBreaker features all 115 division 1-A teams and 64 of the best college-football dynasty teams in the history of the NCAA. This version's Total Control Mode allows you to fine-tune your passing game or send a running back for a short pass out of the backfield to throw off the defense. Add a newly modified career mode, and this game has all the trimmings that might give this title a pass to a big bowl game in January. The motion capture has been redone, and the on-field tackling and blocking animations are crisp and clean looking. The animations keep up with the gameplay, and the control is the best part of this game. Unfortunately, the sound is terrible. If a running back is gonna get tackled, then it should at least sound like a running back is getting tackled. Not to mention the crowd noise--it's more of a hiss than a roar. Keith Jackson is back doing the commentary this year. But like Madden's voice-overs on the Nintendo 64, Jackson has very little to actually say, and his phrases get repetitious fast. GameBreakeris ultimately a solid NCAA pigskin simulation that fans should enjoy. In any case, it's still a lot cheaper than sending the kids to college! --Todd Mowatt Pros: Modified career mode Great control Cons: Terrible sound effects Keith Jackson's small repertoire of phrases quickly becomes repetitive
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