NFL Blitz Pro
North America Retail Box ArtSports fans and gamers alike have spoken and Midway Sports has answered the call. The result is NFL Blitz Pro, which combines the Blitz trademark arcade-style gameplay and intense action and combines it with the authentic NFL elements demanded by fans including: 11-on-11 gameplay, a Blitz-style running game, first-and-ten, real player attributes and team-specific formations, to name a few. In addition, gamers will get the most unique, in-depth online experience available with live head-to-he

- Interactive Sidelines - Filled with coaches, players, benches and tables filled with Gatorade
- Complete and updated rosters, schedules, uniforms and stadiums
- For 1 to 32 players over Internet
- New 11-on-11 gameplay - Every team, every position and all your favorite players
- Blitz-Style Running Game รป Handoffs, pitches, off-tackle and up-the-gut runs
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