NHL 2002
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date N/A
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2001-10-19
Publisher Electronic Arts
Building on the excellent 2001 version, NHL 2002 takes the tight gameplay of its predecessor, and adds light improvements to the fine graphics and a plethora of new features. Slated for a fall 2001 release, this game should be the finest hockey title on the market. Increased animations give players an extensive assortment of smooth movements. Precision puck handling allows for a wider variety of passes, including saucer-passing. A new create-a-player mode is included for further variety. Also new to the game is the breakaway camera, which features muted replays in letterbox format for a dramatic effect. "GameStory" mode recaps important events in the game, which are then pieced together and replayed. This adds television presentation qualities to the game. For example, a replay of all the goals in a player's hat-trick will be shown with fresh commentary for the entire replay segment. Taking a cue from the Madden series is the new NHL card feature. Gamers are awarded cards for performing various feats, like making three big hits in a period or scoring five goals in a row. There are 189 cards in total--153 player cards and an assortment of Easter egg and celebration cards. Easter egg cards allow for various wacky modes (big heads, giant players, etc.) while celebration cards unlock additional post-goal animations. --Raymond M Padilla
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