One Piece: Grand Battle
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date 2005-09-07
Date N/A
North America Retail Box ArtOne Piece: Grand Battle! is the first game based on One Piece, the megahit in Japan that's grown a cult following around the world. High drama, destructive action and slapstick comedy combine in a world where the Golden Age of Pirates never ended. In this world, the Pirate King was caught and hanged by authorities -- but before he died, he revealed that he'd hidden his fortune, known as the "One Piece", at the end of an unexplored island chain called the Grand Line. Whoever makes it to One Piece first will become the next Pirate King. The race is on! Face the dangers on these islands and fight off rival pirates as you compete for this legendary treasure. Unlock hidden features such as additional characters, costumes, items and mini-games Collect items and gimmicks to power up or increase your skills

- 16 playable pirates with 32 additional support characters from the TV show
- 6 game play modes including Grand Battle and 2 player Versus Mode
- Interactive 3D environments - pick up objects and use them to attack your opponent
- 7 environments in which to battle your opponents, all faithfully recreated from the TV series
- Each character has more than 20 regular moves, as well as special attacks and ultimate attacks
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