Operation Winback
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 0
Date 1999-10-19
Publisher Koei
Date 2001-09-28
If you can play Operation Winback for more than five minutes without thinking of Metal Gear Solid then you're either suffering from amnesia or probably refer to all video games as "Space Invaders" and have only turned the PS2 on by accident thinking it was the VCR. It's kind of a cross between the stealthy shoot-'em-up bits in Metal Gear Solid and a more arcade style game like Time Crisis. Unfortunately this means it's Time Crisis without the non-stop action and Metal Gear Solid without the variety and complex storyline. Oh, and the main bad guy is called Kenneth and the elite commando team to which you belong is known as SCAT. Although Operation Winback is less than the sum of its parts it's still fun. Hiding behind crates and jumping out to shoot unsuspecting bad guys is undoubtedly entertaining, even if the slightly fiddly controls sometimes get in the way. Unfortunately there's not much more to the game than that so it does get rather repetitive--although the various multiplayer modes do make up for this to some degree. If you can't wait for Metal Gear Solid 2 then this is a reasonable but not outstanding stopgap. --David Jenkins
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