Outlaw Volleyball Remixed
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date N/A
Date 2005-07-29
Publisher Take 2
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtOutlaw Volleyball: Remixed is a revamped version of the volleyball free-for-all. This overhauled Outlaw Volleyball game has characters bring their famous "Outlaw" vibe onto the court as they bump, set, spike and throw punches on their way to total victory. It also takes its fast, furious, and uncouth action online so anyone and everyone can experience the outrageous humor and fantastic gameplay. Supports the PS2 network connecter. Multiplayer action up to 4 players

- Build up your character's skills with unique mini-games and drills
- Choose your team from 17 almost-naked characters, from beautiful babes to messed-up dudes
- Play on 12 12 offbeat courts including a jailhouse, jungle, sewer and (of course) a beach
- Try out 2 new PS2 exclusive game modes - Baseball and Ping Pong
- Unlock 50 skimpy outfits per character, including string bikinis
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