Over the Hedge
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 14613
Date 2006-05-09
Publisher Activision
Date 2006-06-22
Publisher Activision
North America Retail Box ArtOver The Hedge takes players on an interactive adventure beyond the story seen in the film. Assuming the roles of RJ the raccoon, Verne the turtle, Hammy the squirrel and Stella the skunk, players turn a suburban neighborhood loaded with dangerous obstacles and traps into their own personal playground. Numerous puzzles and mini-games keep fans busy as they switch between two of the four main characters or engage in two player co-op with friends. Take on multiple side challenges to win energy-filled snacks or powered-up weapons and items

- Over 30 mission-filled levels, with 10 new locations not featured in the film including the exterminator's lab, the sewers, and the wild Western theme park
- Learn to master each character's special moves and learn how to use them to work together
- Gain new abilities that allow each animal to perform advanced combo attacks as well as pick up hidden tools and armor
- Multiplayer co-op quests to fill their wagon with food, and locate & free captured friends
- Fast-paced mini games in a suburb gone wild - from R/C racing to mini-golf
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