Piglets Big Game
Genre Kids -> Kids
Today's Rank 24118
Date N/A
Publisher Gotham Games
Date 2003-07-04
Publisher Take 2
North America Retail Box ArtPiglet may be small, but not only does he star in his own movie, but he's also got his own video game. Toddle along with him in Piglet's Big Game, as he adventures through his friends' dreams. The premise is pretty simple, and so are the controls, though you may find those Woozles get the better of you on occasion. While Piglet's friends are sleeping, he enters their dreams and helps them with their troubles--Pooh can't find any honey, Tigger's lost his stripes, and Eeyore's so sad that all the colors have disappeared from his dream. On his journeys to help the gang, Piglet must be very brave and show those pesky Heffalumps and Woozles that he's not afraid. Luckily, Piglet can collect cookies in the oddest of places (popping out of a tree?) and trade them in for brave faces. The game has nicely-designed, simple, colorful graphics and some of the dreams are quite ingenious. Of course Pooh dreams he lives in a candyland, and it's awfully fun to run through paths of gumdrops and licorice twists. Overall, Piglet's Big Game is an enjoyable romp, though tots may find braving the Woozles quite challenging at times. Stay brave, and attentive, and Piglet will prove his heroism.--Maile Bohlmann Pros: Colorful, fun graphics Classic Pooh-and-the-gang characters Simple controls for young kids Cons: Crafty, circling Woozles may get the better of young players It's necessary to collect all cookies, which can get monotonous
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