Police 24-7
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
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Date 2002-04-12
Publisher Konami
In the world of video games, cities are always overrun with villains wielding an astounding variety of weapons--they must be terrible places to live. Now, thanks to Konami's Police 24/7, you can do something about it--and if you have a USB WebCam you can throw yourself around the living room while you do... Police 24/7 is an arcade port par excellence. Its coin-swallowing big brother was a huge hit featuring a mix of lightgun-related shooting shenanigans and real-life dodging requirements--the arcade cabinet was equipped with motion sensors which would shift your onscreen persona depending on how you moved in front of it. Those cunning Japanese chappies saw fit to incorporate this into the PS2 conversion, giving the home-console version a really unique gameplay edge. It really helps to add to the "being there" feel generated by the above-average graphics and Japanese-rock soundtrack. This is glorified random violence at its absolute best. The story, such as it is, involves the rise of drug gangs--once you know this you have all the information you need to play the game. If it moves shoot it, if it doesn't move shoot it anyway, and if it's an innocent civilian and you've plugged it with more holes than a sieve, then it's game over. Breaking away from the norm there are a couple of rather nifty levels, which add to the action, involving shooting from moving cars and, in one memorable case, shooting at moving vehicles; but all in all this is by-numbers stuff aimed more at the instant-gratification end of computer gaming--no brainpower is required. If you have a lightgun and a compatible USB WebCam--Konami recommend an Omnivision camera, as its drivers were designed with PS2 games in mind--the motion-sensing weave-and-dodge action is great fun (but be sure to shift anything breakable away from the playing area). If not, a lightgun alone will do nicely; it is possible to play using the DualShock controller, but to be honest it feels a little lifeless and lacks the appeal of holding a small plastic gun in your sweaty hands. Overall, Police 24/7 is good fun but very short, and for some it will quickly get repetitive. --Chris Russell
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