Predator Concrete Jungle
Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 20457
Date 2005-04-27
Publisher V.U.G.
Date 2005-04-15
Publisher V.U.G.
North America Retail 
Box ArtUnited Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtPredator: Concrete Jungle reveals never-shown parts of the Predator's history on Earth. In this 3rd-person action adventure, you'll cut between two different eras - 1930 and 2030. When a Mafia family decides to out the existence of Predators, the hunters realize their camouflage will be useless - so they endeavor to hunt the mobsters down and kill them. Colossal city environments that are the perfect hunting grounds

- Roam a vast city landscape stalking human prey with weapons of annihilation, cloaking technology, and various vision modes
- Experience the hunt from the perspective of the Predator -- Kill at will, or hunt with honor
- Use real Predator weapons like the Plasmacaster, Combi stick, Spear Gun, and Smart Disc
- Highly responsive combat system that enables the Predator to stylize its attack moves
- 4 different vision modes to enhance the hunting experience- Thermo Scan, Prey Scan, Tech scan and Neural Scan
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