Pro Evolution Soccer 2
Genre Sport -> Sport
Today's Rank 23749
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2002-10-25
Publisher Konami
Pro Evolution Soccer was the best footy game ever, and what you want to know is: does this sequel better it? Thankfully, it does. The first thing that strikes you about Pro Evolution Soccer 2--an anglicised version of the Japanese Winning Eleven 6--is how much faster it is, not just in terms of the pace of your players but also their ability to turn more sharply when receiving the ball. In another clear attempt to up the tempo of the game, which some more arcade-orientated gamers complained was too slow and fiddly, players now recover much more quickly when they lose the ball--so there's no waiting around for them to have a slice of orange before they deign to take part in the match again. And they need to be a bit sharper on their pins because it's now much more difficult to tackle and conversely you have a lot more control when dribbling the ball. There are other minor changes, such as a slightly odd new horizontal camera option, but basically this is bigger, better and more. Just in case you've forgotten, that's bigger, better and more of the best football game ever, so if you like your footy you really will want to be purchasing this. --David Jenkins
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