Pro Evolution Soccer 3
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date 2004-05-07
Publisher Konami
Pro Evolution Soccer has established itself as the football game of choice among discerning PS2 owners. With each new addition to the series, Konami makes major improvements to the gameplay and graphics. Pro Evolution Soccer 3 is no exception; it really is miles better than Pro Evolution Soccer 2. The first thing you'll notice in this third instalment is how much more lifelike it is. Not only are the graphics much more detailed, but the player animation is now realistically fluent and the ball behaves as an actual Size 5 would. Squint and you really will think you're watching Sky Sports. Pro Evolution Soccer 3's gameplay is perfectly balanced. Whatever your favoured way of playing the Beautiful Game (total football or long ball, it's up to you) Pro Evolution Soccer 3 accommodates that preference. Controls are sharp and responsive, and with the right combination of button presses it's possible to perform just about any manoeuvre or trick in Real Madrid's repertoire. That's how comprehensive this simulation is. As a single-player experience, Pro Evolution Soccer 3 is a far sight more challenging than its predecessors were: the Master League mode is expanded still further and the artificial intelligence is a tough nut to crack. And, as was expected, this third game in the series takes multiplayer PlayStation 2 gaming to new heights. --Jonti Davies
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