Red Dead Revolver Review

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Graphics: 6.5
Sound : 7.0
Gameplay : 7.5
Multiplayer : 7.5
Overall : 7.2
Review by Steven Ziegler
When news came that Red Dead Revolver’s time period was set back in the Old West, I was immediately attracted to its style of gameplay. Instead of toting around automatic pistols, you resort to taking your precious time to cooperate with your weapon’s poor aiming ability. Not only are the weapons crafted with precision, locations are excellently presented with miles of cascading desert without a person in eyeshot. These specifications were enough to make me believe the Wild West was a gameplay standpoint.

Within ten minutes of gameplay, Red is forced to protect his parents from being killed by outlaws. Unfortunately, Red’s parents were killed, leaving you the only one to survive. The story picks up many years later as Red becomes a Bounty Hunter, working for himself. Red Dead Revolver’s storyline is simply to seek revenge on the bad guys. The storyline by far isn’t the deepest, but it’s used wisely, in the beginning that is. In fact, when playing further in the game the parent’s death dissipates quickly.

Gameplay is the deepest aspect of Red Dead Revolver. By now, you have to be thinking how can gameplay possibly be in-depth-- it’s western style shooter. Well, Rockstar went beyond the boundaries to add interesting plot surprises. Different characters will be accessible when met. For instance, Jack Swift becomes a fellow comrade when you rescue him from a bounty. These extras add much well deserved time, instead of always venturing with Red.

Surroundings can be taken for your advantages, such as peeking around walls and taking cheap shots. Beyond this, controlling is very basic. The very fundamentals are covered and nothing else. The most painful controlling--and the most important-- is to shoot. In order to fire a weapon, the L1 button must be pressed to draw the weapon, then, the R1 button to fire. To use the special abilities, the R2 button is required to be held down while holding R1 and L1. So you see, buttons might be broken if played for many hours.

For a shooting title to be successful, many weapons, packed their own characteristics, must be available. Weapons are both visually and physically accurate. Pistols deal more damage in close vicinity, the rifle is primarily for hard-to-reach places, and up-close weapons such as dynamite are self-explanatory.

Many battles, both long and quick, are constantly thrown at you. For the most part, skirmishes are associated with you saving someone. The computer AI is barely passable. At many times I found myself laughing at their stupidity. If you get into close combat they tend to run the other way, thinking that might help. Or my favorite; some will be so unwise to turn and face the other way. Boss fights are simply uninspiring and present very little challenge.

At the end of each level money and extra features are awarded. In order to spend the provided money you’ll have to stop by a gun shop, or in between levels. To unlock bonus features, a good or excellent rating has to be obtained. The good rating is default, mainly unlocking characters for multiplayer. Reaching 'Excellent’ will entitle you to unlocking even more important information, characters, or even maps. Extra multiplayer modes will also be reached by excelling.

Multiplayer is supported with up to four players via multi-tap. Players can go all-out, or fight together on teams. There are a total of three gameplay modes: Bounty Hunter- a challenge to collect the most bounty money, Sundown- Whoever wins the most money in an allotted amount of time wins, and finally High Noon- fastest gun drawer reigns victory. Many characters and maps can be unlocked, but the maps are still too insignificant. All action is centered towards middles of the maps.

The graphics in Read Dead Revolver have to be the most depressing part. Textures are in a very low quality. Walls and buildings look smudged, and when in the Canyon level, enemies from a distance are barely perceptible Special effects such as dynamite explosions are impressive, however. Character designs could use more make-up, as they are poorly crafted. Another noticeable design flaw was the character’s animations. The characters don’t transition smoothly enough when jumping or climbing.

To further implement Red Dead Revolver’s important errs is the audio presentation. Not only are Voice-Overs somewhat unbelievable, sound effects are very gritty. The worst character would have to be Bad Bessie. Her voice is high-pitched and quite frankly annoying. On a different note, RDR’s soundtrack is completely filled with music portraying the time period. Music will escalate during important sequences and falls silent when peace is restored.

Red Dead Revolver is a game mixed with quality. The Graphical presentation is a let-down, but the gameplay is entertaining. Not all is bad, however. Multiplayer modes add those few more hours of fun. In the end, everything boils down to you. This is one of few western-style shooters and Red Dead Revolver tried well. While Red Dead Revolver is missing many things, this game out-performs Dead Man’s Hand ( fps). This title has those special environments that Dead Man’s Hand couldn’t portray. Renting this game would give you enough experience to fully beat the story mode and multiplayer. Maybe another Western-Style shooter will fix all of RDR’s problems. Until then, renting is all I can recommend.