Resident Evil Outbreak File 2
Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
Today's Rank 2799
Date 2006-08-07
Publisher Capcom
Date 2005-08-26
Publisher Capcom
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtResident Evil Outbreak 2 takes you deeper than ever into the brutal survival-horror action. Eight strangers are fighting to survive the night after an entire city turned to zombies around them. Uncover the strange events that surround the T-virus outbreak and keep watching to see who the REAL enemy is.

- Five terrifying new scenarios and locales including a zoo, the subway and police station
- Interactive, expansive environments
- Online mode - up to 4 players
- Advanced communication system in online mode
- Supports crossover data - use items earned from Resident Evil Outbreak in this game and vice versa
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