Robotech: Battlecry
Genre Action -> Action
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Date 2002-09-23
Publisher TDK
Date 2003-02-14
Publisher TDK
North America Retail Box ArtA mission-driven action title, "Robotech" embodies the classic mecha-filled mayhem of the animated series. Featuring all-encompassing destruction on a giant scale, "Robotech" is a high-octane arcade shooter that captures the television show's spectacular visuals and epic storyline.

As an intrepid fighter pilot, the player must protect cities of Earth from roving bands of a giant alien race, the Zentraedi. The player pilots the versatile Veritech Fighter, a giant transformable mechanized robot that can convert into a high-flying jet fighter, a 40-foot tall humanoid robot, and a combination of both. Each transformation mode offers new movement options, special abilities or weapons.

To succeed in battle, the player must use more than one mode to complete their assigned objectives. In keeping with the "Robotech" identity, the environments, mecha, characters and overall appearance are modeled directly from the stylized look of the highly regarded animated series.

Myriad of environments, including deep space and crowded cities
Three transformation modes, including Fighter (fighter plane), Battloid (humanoid robot) and Guardian (combination of both), each with individual strengths and weaknesses
Intense arcade action and awesome Cel Shaded graphics
Eight different arcade shooter gameplay elements, including search and destroy, guard, attrition and escort
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