Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Date 2001-10-05
Publisher Take 2
Rune Rune United Kingdom Retail Box ArtPrepare yourself for a brutal new third person action adventure game built on the Unreal Tournament engine and steeped in the infamy of Norse mythology and Viking lore. My quest for vengeance will take me from the cold heights of Frost Giants to the hot underbelly of the earth, the home of the Goblins. I will pass through the crooked passages of the Dwarves, with their strange machines, and into the mountain fortress of Thorstadt.

- You play as Ragnar the Viking, a young warrior looking to prove his worth
- It is you who has been chosen to protect Odin's Runestones against the schemes of the evil god, Loki
- In over 30 single-player adventures, you'll solve puzzles and battle monsters out of Norse mythology, as you stop a groups of evil Vikings from releasing Loki from his prison
- Unique multiplayer environments for deathmatches and team play
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Rune North America Retail Box Art

Rune United Kingdom Retail Box Art