Savage Skies
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Publisher SVG
Date 2004-07-02
Publisher N/A
Savage Skies Savage Skies United Kingdom Retail Box ArtA flying-creature action game set in a mythological world where three sects are embroiled in a war for control of a kingdom, Savage Skies offers unique flying-creature action. The game includes over 27 missions and the ability to unlock up to 24 creatures, seven multiplayer levels, tons of hidden gameplay modes, and an original creature-based aerial combat system.

- Incredibly unique flight combat game that allows you to dogfight on mythical flying creatures instead of planes
- Fly unicorns, wyverns and other winged creatures as you battle through 27 levels of gameplay
- Includes 7 multiplayer modes to keep you and your friends in the action
- Features 24 unlockable creatures and hidden gameplay modes for hours of intense gaming experience
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Savage Skies North America Retail Box Art

Savage Skies United Kingdom Retail Box Art