Sega Soccer Slam Review

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Graphics: 8.0
Sound : 7.0
Gameplay : 9.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 8.5
Review by Thomas Cap
Fifa, This if Football and all the other soccer games out there: I played them all but liked none of them. Not that they weren’t good games – they just couldn’t motivate me to keep playing. My second problem was that out of the lack of motivation I got frustrated and I often tended to do these things that you are rewarded for. The reward in my case mostly was a red card of course...

Finally someone has heard my prayer and released a *cough* MOTIVATING soccer game:

The not so far future - soccer has changed. The teams are stripped down to only 3 players and a goalie. The rules are about the same except that a few, mostly annoying, features were removed. Most important of the new features: no referee anymore. No one will bitch at you for doing little things like sliding into your enemy while stealing the ball from him or perhaps even beating the crap out of him because you can’t stand the look of his face anymore. In half a dozen stadiums all over the world you compete against teams of frustrated ex-wrestlers, wannabe football stars and people who just enjoy beating others up - no big difference from today’s soccer from my point of view.

In case you haven’t noticed yet: Sega Soccer Slam is not an ordinary Soccer game...


Good but not great. With only 6 players on the field the stadiums are of course quiet small and with the stadiums limited to one for each team you will know most of them after the first hour. The characters on the other hand are very detailed and all of them can choose from a wide variety of moves. A graphical highlight are the special moves you can perform after collecting enough energy by means of beating others (points for fouls – I think I’m in heaven). The max. energy shot for example is an exploding cascade of lightining effects. The graphics are nice but a lack of environments prevents them from claiming the title “great”.


Only one word can describe it: fun. Fast and Furious gameplay combined with a refreshing idea keeps you entertained for weeks. Mini games between the main matches are not only a good way to improve your skills but also provide you with the money necessary to buy accessories for your kickers.

The positive experience is even further improved by means of special moves and attacks, and when the crowd goes wild you know you did something good.

The finishing touch to the game are the reporters. Annoying and mean, they love brutality on the (battle) field. So offer them a good show or they will get bored and order a pizza instead.

Final words...

I can only say I loved this game – if you are looking for fast fun, stop looking and look at this one.