SEGA SuperStars
Genre Action -> Fighting
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Date 2006-06-15
Publisher Sega
Date 2004-10-22
Publisher Sega
SEGA SuperStars SEGA SuperStars United Kingdom Retail Box ArtIt’s an ingenious idea--take various snippets from hit Sega games, mix in the EyeToy and add people. The result, Sega Superstars, is an excellent party game that all the family can enjoy. Really. It features twelve minigames in all, each drawing inspiration from a Sega hit. Thus, the Sonic section demands a balancing act as you use your body to guide gaming’s most infamous hedgehog on his latest quest for coins. Meanwhile, the Virtua Striker segment is more simplistic--you simply head a football and try and hit various targets, whilst Virtua Fighter is great as you punch and kick your opponent into submission. Space Channel 5 has you mimicking dance movements meanwhile, and Samba de Amigo is outstanding fun, as your arms become substitutes for maracas. The highlight though is born from one of the firm’s lower profile franchises. Puyo Pop is a work of some genius, as you use your body to direct blobs into the right colour receptacle. You’ll find yourself contorting into distinctly unhealthy shapes as you try to beat the top score, and having similarly unhealthy amounts of fun as you do so. In a pack of twelve, it’s unsurprising that not everything hits, and we can’t see the House of the Dead nor Billy Hatcher segments being used too often. But nonetheless Sega Superstars delivers buckets of entertainment, and then some. Best played in numbers, but no slouch with just one, it’s arguably the finest EyeToy game to date.--Simon Brew

- Collects over a dozen minigames designed to be played with the EyeToy
- Go snowboarding with Sonic, or collect bananas in Super Monkey Ball
- Make some hot rhythms with Samba De Amigo, or fight martial arts masters with Virtua Fighters
- Requires EyeToy Camera
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SEGA SuperStars North America Retail Box Art

SEGA SuperStars United Kingdom Retail Box Art