Serious Sam
Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 6512
Date N/A
Date 2004-04-30
Publisher Take 2
North America Retail Box ArtSerious Sam: The Next Encounter takes you into a den of warfare where you'll take out piles and piles of alien monsters. The action is fast and intense, the shooting never stops and the ammunition doesn't run out. Gory, wild, over-the-top fun -- with the frenetic pacing and nonstop shooting action you love!

- Platform elements in the thrilling action shooter -- ammo and enemies are everywhere, so hold down that fire button and keep moving
- Incredible new weapons with new powers and unlimited ammo
- Jump into a Hummer and run over the alien zombies, or blow them away with missiles
- Power up with killing combos - Get 20 kills in a row and you'll go into Super Combo Mode, becoming more Serious than ever!
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