Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Date 2002-04-26
Publisher 3DO
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtYour world has begun to change. Bizarre, deadly creatures of metal and flesh roam the lands, their origin a complete mystery to those who can survive their attacks. Odd contraptions and structures of steel and steam have begun to replace once-quaint medieval villages. The order of the very universe is shifting, and somehow you know there is a connection between these bizarre changes and your own newfound power to shapeshift. You can shapeshift into 24 fully customizable and amazing creatures. The game includes three diverse environments: medieval, Arabian, and steampunk. You can gain multiple shapeshifting forms that let you play the game from a new perspective each time. In-depth character development includes combat training, spell casting, and armor changes. The simple and intuitive interface allows players of all skill levels to easily explore the world and embark on adventures.

- 1 Player
- Memory Card (for PS2 500KB)
- Analog Control
- Vibration Function
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