Silent Hill 3
Genre Action -> Adventure
Today's Rank 3242
Date N/A
Publisher Konami
Date 2003-05-23
Publisher Konami
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtSilent Hill 3 continues the series' trademark brand of psychological horror and terrifying gameplay. As a teenage girl named Heather, players must explore and unravel the mysterious connection between the god-forsaken town and her inner fears. The game features enhanced graphical detail, a more complex storyline, and even more grotesque monsters than the previous games.

- First female lead character in the Silent Hill series.
- An all-new, unnerving adventure.
- Series trademark graphics are further enhanced with even more unbelievable detail.
- New areas to explore within the town of Silent Hill, including the Amusement Park, Subway Station, and the Mall.
- New weapons, including a sub-machine gun, sword and flame-thrower.
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Silent Hill 3 E3 Trailer
27.96MB - 660 downloads - 26 June, 2003

Silent Hill 3 E3 Trailer (WMF format), offering 6min 40secs of gameplay footage.

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Silent Hill 3 Trailer
10.06MB - 527 downloads - 17 March, 2003

Silent Hill 3 Trailer, offering nearly two minutes of gameplay footage from this upcoming horror adventure title.

play Silent Hill 3 Trailer download Silent Hill 3 Trailer