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Date 2004-05-21
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtLooking for one of the best multi-player party games on the PlayStation 2? You've just found it, and it's called SingStar. It's a game that tests you on your singing ability--or lack of--and serves up some rollicking entertainment while it does so. It comes bundled with two surprisingly good-quality microphones, and the idea is that, in true karaoke style, songs with predominantly official backing videos appear on your screen and you have to sing the right words at the right time. Also, you'll find on-screen indicators as to what pitch you need to be singing at, and it's here that the game assesses you. Hit the right notes for the right amount of time, and you'll get high scores, which in career mode can then unlock virtual clubs to sing at and more songs, too. The single-player mode is fairly simple and straightforward, but in multi-player mode SingStar strikes gold. The game comes laden with numerous little games, which can involve you passing the mic around, or joining up for a good old-fashioned duet. Then there's the outstanding battle mode, where two of you warble through the same song concurrently, and the game picks a winner at the end. Replete with the option to replay your performance and even use an EyeToy to be the star of the music video, SingStar is fantastic entertainment. A couple of minor gripes: the aforementioned single-player mode is short-term fun at best, and could be improved; the 30 included songs--from bands as diverse as Atomic Kitten and Motörhead--are mostly well chosen and varied, but you'll work your way through them a little too quickly. (Add-on packs may well redress this.) Ultimately, SingStar is innovative, very easy to get to grips with and when on top form, flat-out brilliant. For those looking for a multi-player game in particular, it comes very highly recommended. --Simon Brew
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