Smugglers Run
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2006-09-08
Date 2000-11-10
Publisher N/A
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtDeveloped by the same people that brought us Midtown Madness, in Smuggler's Run, you play as a member of an outlaw gang whose primary objective is to successfully smuggle contraband from point A to point B while behind the wheel--be it nuclear secrets, counterfeit money, or what have you. The goal, while it varies from level to level, is to deliver as much contraband and make as much money as possible while cruising in your SUVs, two- and four-wheel-drive trucks, Baja buggies, rally cars and even military vehicles, with each vehicle having its own unique feel and handling.As if this task wasn't difficult enough, you have the CIA and the police on your tail. You are going to have to hurry because in most cases you are given predetermined time limits to complete your pick-ups and drop-offs. And to top things off, rival gangs are also after the same goods you are transporting. Smuggler's Run is like a game of tag, only with vehicles.Smuggler's Run has a mission-based campaign mode and is laid out over a dozen levels, with huge environments, sprawling desert landscapes, rural towns, forests, and snow-capped mountains.Smuggler's Run is moderately impressive with its graphics. Extra touches, such as pedestrians, animals, ambient traffic, cacti, trees, road blocks, waterfalls and rivers, add to the all-important suspension of disbelief, but there are other prettier racing games on the Dreamcast and PC.When all is said and done, Smuggler's Run is a decent and enjoyable racing game for the PlayStation2. While the game might not be the best the system has to offer, gamers looking for a one- or two-player racing experience might want to take it for a spin. --Todd Mowatt
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