Smugglers Run 2
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date 2006-09-08
Date 2001-11-02
Publisher N/A
Smuggler's Run 2: Hostile Territory thrusts the player into the position of working for an elite band of smugglers delivering contraband through the most volatile war zones on earth. The game includes new time-sensitive missions, including helicopter and plane drops, chases, convoy drops, and distinctive two-player modes. Eight new crime-driven smuggling gangs and the authorities all work feverishly to protect their turf by any means necessary. New offensive countermeasures, including smoke screens, oil slicks, nitro boosts, and exploding kegs, will aid in your escape. The game features huge environments, with two immense new international maps--Afghanistan and Vietnam--complete with palatial temples, ancient ruins, prosperous fishing towns, and small bombed-out villages. The fully interactive environments are full of hazards such as minefields, crossfire, and avalanches. The incredible vistas are also fully interactive: if you can see it, you can drive to it. Pick a point miles away on the horizon and drive there--if you can make it across the hostile territory.
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