Star Trek: Elite Force
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date N/A
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Date 2002-08-02
Publisher Codemasters
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtElite Force on the PC was a Trektastic first-person shooter set in the Voyager universe. The PS2 version is a direct port of the original game and unfortunately it's lost something in translation. The story plays like an episode of the hit show. The ill-fated USS Voyager answers a distress call only to find out that it's a carefully prepared trap which transports them to an alien ship graveyard from which there appears to be no escape. Their predicament forces Voyager's command crew to create the Hazard Team, a specialist squad charged with the task of exploring the other ships stranded in the mysterious vortex and discovering a way home. This is standard first-person shooter fare with a Star Trek twist. You take on the role of Alex (or Alexandra) Munroe and get to wander about various sci-fi backdrops with ever increasing firepower. The story is well done and really feels like being in an episode of Star Trek and the weapons are imaginative enough to keep you interested. There's the usual array of puzzles along the way, some surprises and you get to take on The Borg. But what is disappointing in this PS2 version is that there isn't anything really new about it. Graphically it's a shadow of its former PC self with the backgrounds looking pixilated and washed out and the load times are interminable. The enemy AI is also less than stellar with quite a few putting up less fight than a bag full of Tribbles… on vallium. Basically the PC version was so immersive that this console adaptation just doesn't do it justice; it's not bad, it just doesn't set your phaser to stun. FPS fans will find that the genre has moved on too much for Elite Force to make any kind of impact and it's really only going to appeal to true blue Star Trek fans who will probably already have played it to death on the PC. --Kristen Bowditch
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