Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith Review

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Graphics: 8.5
Sound : 8.5
Gameplay : 6.5
Multiplayer : 7.5
Overall : 7.6
Review by Andy Levine
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is an action-packed, button-mashing game from LucasArts that closely relates to the blockbuster movie of the same name. Playing as either Anakin or Obi-Wan, throughout the game you will take on hordes of druids, and even partake in some challenging lightsaber duels. While the seemingly endless waves of foes can feel somewhat monotonous, the multiplayer modes and bonus challenges do offer relief from the conformity. Nicely realized with actual cinematics from the movie and a high quality sound presentation, Revenge of the Sith is much more than merely another cursorily crafted game based on a movie.

Revenge of the Sith is basically a Devil May Cry 3 clone that takes place a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Obi-Wan and Anakin are two strong Jedis who are in tune with the force, which makes for a lethal combination. Utilizing the power of your lightsaber, you must travel through enemy territory to complete your objectives. While some of these objectives range from rescuing hostages to meeting up with fellow Jedi, they are all completed in much the same manner. Most of the game is simple hacking and slashing at enemies by using either lightsabers or the Force. By holding down ‘R1’ you can move less weighty objects and enemies to throw them across the room. When used correctly, this proves to be your most powerful weapon, whether it is by throwing one droid into another or even hurling explosives toward a group of foes. The level designs on show are creative and suitably avoid the sensation of repetitiveness found in many other games.

The interaction with the environment is perhaps the game’s most notable feature. You will need to cut open doors with your lightsaber, make astonishing Jedi jumps, and destroy the electronic systems of enemy ships—to name but a few. If you stay on the lookout for breakable objects you can also discover secrets that will unlock new items, such as concept art. There is enough unlockable content to make up for the rather short campaign, which can be completed in less than ten hours. While a majority of the levels have you follow linear paths as you annihilate anything in your way, there are several missions that are strictly lightsaber duels. Instead of being able to kill your rival with a few quick stabs, special opponents will require much more skill and finesse to be taken down. As you delve deeper into the heart of the Republic, your characters gain experience, allowing them to learn new combos and become an overall better Jedi. Because of these factors, Revenge of the Sith has a strong foundation for an intense action game.

Revenge of the Sith is easy to handle, meaning you can pick up the controller and jump right into the action with minimal fuss, but don’t expect too much in terms of development throughout the game. From the start, you can perform light attacks, heavy attacks, and critical attacks. While you would think that a variety of combos involving different attacking styles could diversify the gameplay, constantly using light attacks is more than sufficient to complete the game. All of the droids at the beginning are weak and can be destroyed rather quickly, and your only real challenge lies in the occasional turret. However, by holding ‘L1’ you can use your lightsaber as a shield and deflect all incoming attacks back at the enemy. As the game progresses you will face lightsaber-wielding opponents who also learn to block attacks, but at this point you can easily use the Force to slam them against a wall to finish them off. There are still times when you must think strategically in order to emerge from a battle intact, but most of the fighting involves two or three harmless droids firing their lasers periodically. However, the lightsaber duels do require you to develop some type of game plan if you are going to inflict any notable damage. These enemies will block constantly, so you will need to catch them off guard or use the Force to knock them down. These long-lasting duels require you to be aggressive while remaining cautiously alert, and it’s likely that your palms will begin to sweat as your health nears zero. Unfortunately, the dull moments experienced in most missions greatly outweigh the amount of intensity.

Visually, Revenge of the Sith is better looking than most games for the PS2. The special effects constantly displayed throughout the game are impressive and will even invoke a sense of danger; for instance, when a gas canister explodes nearby. The levels contain ambient movements such as loose wires emitting sparks, and spaceships flying in the background, which all adds to the sense of realism. One of the most memorable moments occurs when two Jedis come face-to-face in a duel and the sparks fly from their clashing lightsabers as they each struggle to overpower the other. The animations are also nicely done and the Jedi characters perform a vast array of acrobatic moves before they swiftly slice an enemy into pieces. Scenes straight from the movie play in DVD quality and are incorporated to blend the missions together while also developing the plot. The details of the textures are very poor, however, and they make most of the characters look extremely unrealistic. Also, at times, the camera angles will hide incoming enemies from your view, forcing blind attacks. Once you see past these few minor quirks, though, you’ll be able to appreciate Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith for all its beauty.

The sound effects throughout the game feel like they came straight from the movie, but some of the voice acting could stand to use some work. From the firing of a laser gun to the movement of incoming enemy droids, you will never experience a moment of silence in Revenge of the Sith. During a battle, spaceships, lightsabers, explosions, and battle cries all blend together to build that same powerful aural effect felt while watching the movie. The music also comes straight from the movie and usually plays in the background just loud enough to be heard every once in a while. The voice actors sound rather corny during battles, and their incessant use of catchphrases become irritating after a while. They also fail to show any range of emotion through their monotonous voices, too. Overall, the audio performance in Revenge of the Sith is ‘almost’ up there with its movie counterpart.

While Revenge of the Sith doesn’t support online play, the two-player mode is still enough to satisfy your multiplayer needs. The cooperative mode allows one person to control Obi-Wan while the other controls Anakin. The gameplay and storyline both remain the same, but working with a friend can imbue some of the game’s repetitive moments with more fun. You can also challenge someone to a lightsaber duel to showcase your skills as a Jedi Master. While perhaps more advanced players will use all sorts of combos and powers to swiftly kick your ass, players of any skill level will find appreciation through the multiplayer modes.

In conclusion, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is an above average action game that fans of the movie are sure to love. Even if you wouldn’t find yourself at the next Star Wars convention, the different gameplay modes and remarkable graphics are more than enough to get you hooked. Aside from some repetitive gameplay moments and a short campaign mode, the Force is strong with Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.