Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date 2005-05-05
Date 2005-05-05
North America Retail Box ArtKeep the excitement from Episode III brewing as Anakin, Obi-Wan and Darth Vader encounter adventure in this Revenge of the Sith game for PlayStation 2. Wield a lightsaber with Jedi precision and fight off battle droids, clone troopers and other evil forces from the Dark Side. The third-person game includes multiplayer duels, new skills and action-packed combo moves straight out of the movie. Made in USA.

- Live out the most exciting moments from the movie and follow the film's tragic conflict through two perspectives
- Control all the Jedi abilities of both Anakin and Obi-Wan, including Stun, Sith Lightning and Jedi Mind Trick
- Battle in over 16 levels across four movie worlds, like the planet Corusant, the sinkhole planet of Utapau and the volcano world of Mustafar
- Single player story mode and intense multiplayer versus duel modes
- Features all-new Episode III film footage taken directly from the movie
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