State of Emergency Review

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Graphics: 8.0
Sound : 6.0
Gameplay : 6.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6.0
Review by Chris Bagel
(c) Rockstar Games

I have to say, honestly I had high expectations. Really high. After playing GTA3, I saw the caliber of games Rockstar was producing it looked great. Inciting riots! What fun. And that somewhat guilty feeling of doing things in GTA. I was looking forward to that too.

Too bad I was let down.

Ok, so mowing down tons of people with weapons of mass destruction is fun. Especially after a stressful day. Is it worth 50 bucks of your hard-earned money? Not in my book.

Let’s start with what matters. Gameplay. There’s two modes...Chaos and Revolution. Chaos is a mode in which you have specific tasks to accomplish to get high scores. I had some fun with this mode. Especially competing for scores with one of my buddies. Revolution is the sort of “story based” mode. I found it to be dull and repetitive. There weren’t any cool cutscenes when you get your mission, just a textbox, and they all seemed to be "guarding" or "escorting" missions. Overall, the gameplay seemed haphazard, and you didn’t have much direction other than “blow up cars for bonus score!” (which can be fun!). I think this game would be worth purchasing had they put in some sort of multiplayer mode.

The graphics were nice for some things, not so much for others. 250+ on screen characters looked pretty cool, but not as impressive as I would have first thought. I liked most of the weapons, and the character design was pretty nice. Most things were destructible, but I felt like I wanted more. When you shoot a rocket at an oil tanker, shouldn’t you get a bigger explosion?

The sound was sub-par. On the sound effects side, it was ok. Bland crowd noises and some pretty good explosion noises. But the music was terrible. Stuff from like a 70’s porn flick.

The presentation of this game is where it really fell short. The menus were really boring and hard to understand at times. After finishing a level you are left with the options : “Replay that level” and “Restart”. Why not go with the tried-and-true formula that’s worked thus far?!

All in all, it’s a renter. Definitely fun stuff for a weekend night, or just to show your buddies. It’s grotesquely violent, and not for anyone under 18.