Street Fighter EX3
Genre Action -> Fighting
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Date N/A
Publisher Capcom
Date 2001-03-02
Publisher N/A
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtGiven its immense popularity, not to mention its first-rate pedigree, it's not surprising that Street Fighter EX3 is among the first PlayStation 2 titles. After the relative success of the first game for the original PlayStation (PSX) and the disaster of the second, it'll be interesting to see how long-term fans of the series take to yet another 3-D brawler with the Street Fighter moniker. Even with classic characters--like Sagat, Blanka, Ken and (of course) Ryu--back to duke it out, this might be one horse that's been beaten to death. Players can take advantage of a new system that allows character switching at any time throughout the battle. Not only will you be able to swap at will, but your dynamic duo also will have double-teaming tag combos to enhance an opponent's agony. This means that gamers will face three other opponents, and have four incredibly detailed fighters battling it out on screen at any one time in the ultimate handicap match. Take them out, and one might ask to join as your sidekick. Form a stable of four, and all of you can take your turn kicking Bison's tail, as well as that of any of the other famous Street Fighter characters in the game. The control is predictable, but that's what fans want... nay, crave. Super combos, dizzies, and a number of other staple Street Fighter combos are here and look incredible. Lighting effects are much more mature: the animated sparks fly, and the pyrotechnics flame up all over the place. Character models have come a long way since the days of the first blocky Street Fighter EX game. Although they still lack necks, these brawlers are seamless and well defined. Their victorious poses rival any graphics that previously have been seen on a console. Not everything is peaches 'n' cream with EX3, however. The endings of the EX series always have been a bit lacking: all you get in EX3 is a frozen frame with text, then, while the credits roll, a little consolation prize: over 10 enemies onscreen at once, all wanting to put the boots to you. This isn't the "true" ending we'd hoped for, but it's a nice gesture (and it shows off the system's power). Capcom is doing everything it can to make Street Fighter EX3 the fighting game of choice for the PlayStation 2, but, with Namco's Tekken Tag Tournament set to hit the market at the same time, it'll be a tough sell. Still, this is a Street Fighter game, and that alone justifies at least a play. --Todd Mowatt
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