Strike Force Bowling
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date 2004-05-05
Date 2005-03-25
Publisher Play It
North America Retail Box ArtStrike Force Bowling gives you the best of both fantasy and real-world physics for an out-of-this-world bowling experience. Balls react to a combination of spin, material and lane friction and pins never fall the same way twice. Knock over skull-tipped pins on the deck of a pirate ship, bowl under the watchful eyes of the Sphinx in ancient Egypt, or bowl down tiki heads on a tropical island. Choose between 8 high-polygon players and 6 unique play modes. Bowling styles can be customized according to strength, accuracy and curve. Multiplayer mode allows for up to four players or you can play against computer-controlled opponents.

- Choose from six unique and challnging modes of play - Skins Mode, Golf Mode, Challenge Mode, Practice Mode, Open Play and the prestigious Tournament Play
- Fantastic fantasy lane environments -- Standard Lane, Pirate Ship Bowl, Tropical Island Bowl, Egyptian Bowl and more
- Unlock great secret bonuses, like Big Head mode and secret night lanes
- Authentic real-time ball & pin physics for the best in real-time bowling
- Multiplayer action for up to four players
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