Summoner 2
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Publisher THQ
Date 2002-11-01
Publisher THQ
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtSummoner 2 keeps all that was good in its predecessor, and far surpasses it. Just on the technical level, the load times between scenes are faster, camera angles are consistently more flexible in the 3-D environment, and the battle reactions are cleaner and more responsive. But it's the story that's really blossomed. The swashbuckling goddess-queen Maia is more likable than the dour Joseph in the first Summoner. (Her various outfits and weapons are cooler, at least.) There's more humour in the story, and it manages to strike its serious notes without sounding ridiculously overdramatic. The voice actors sound like they're really enjoying their roles and it was fun (for a change) to listen to the spoken sections. The story line moves you along smoothly and the bosses, while tricky, never seem insurmountable. Rather than just ending in a big fight, Summoner 2 aims to help Maia seek her destiny while being the most adored, accomplished and best outfitted queen, goddess and swordsperson she can be. --Garland Withers

- Play Maia, Queen of Halassar, as she embarks on an adventure to defend her throne and fulfill her destiny
- Battle enemies in real time with an all-new, party driven combat system
- Build your party from a roster of 8 unique characters with special attacks and spells and control up to 3 characters at a time
- Tricks in your arsenal include powerful spells, alchemy and incantations for summoning the gods
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