Tenchu Fatal Shadows
Genre Action -> Adventure
Today's Rank 0
Date 2005-02-18
Publisher Sega
Date 2005-05-06
Publisher Sega
North America Retail Box ArtTenchu: Fatal Shadows revives the classic stealth action of Tehcnu with incredible new graphics, gameplay and an intense new storyline. The deadly ninja called Ayame travelled the land in search of her mentor when she stumbles across a small village that's been slaughtered. The only suvivor is another ninja girl named Rin, and together they'll use their talents to find the reason for this hideous crime.

- Kill multiple enemies at once with new and improved stealth kill combos
- Play as either Ayame or Rin, collecting weapons and items for more powerful attacks and defense
- Avoid detection by moving bodies and swim under the cover of water out of enemy site
- Three gameplay modes, 18 levels, refined gameplay mechanics and tons of unlockables
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