Terminator 3: Redemption
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date 2004-09-01
Publisher Atari
Date 2004-09-17
Publisher Atari
North America Retail Box ArtThis is the Terminator Universe like you ve never experienced it. Skynet machines run rampant across L.A. roads and freewayshunting down humanity. Your mission: destroy them and salvage mankind. Drive fight and blast across the Terminator timeline from the present-day to 2032 to a shocking desolate alternate future. It s a race to protect John Connor Kate Brewster and tomorrow.* Rip through deep levels of nonstop arcade-shooter action Hit the road and enemies in cars trucks and other vehicles.* Fire explosive weaponry from all three timelines including missile launchers and plasma rifles Smash enemies with power punches and combo moves Leap between speeding vehicles Experience massive boss battles. * Activate vintage Arnold phrases during the action with exclusive voice recording by the star. * Team up in co-op mode to attack waves of Skynet machines. * Hijack 15+ vehicles from the present and the future. * Demolish never-before-seen Terminator units in melee combat. * Uncover secret short cuts by executing incredible Terminator Moments -- SPECIFICATIONs -----------------------------------ESRB Rating : T for Teen Genre/Category : Action Adventure System : Playstation 2Number of Players : On- Line Compatible:www.atari.com

14 single player levels in a variety of highly detailed, photorealistic environments.
Co-op gameplay allowing friends to protect resistance forces on the ground by blasting Skynet opponents from the air.
Fight as the Terminator in third-person, adrenaline rush driving action, which takes place in current day Los Angeles and devastated future Los Angeles, as well as alternate future scenarios.
Engage in classic Terminator combat - rip out opposing Terminator's power cells and use them as high-powered explosive devices; use dismantled Endoskeleton torsos as shields; pick-up objects in the environment and pummel opponents with them; or simply smash opponents to pieces with metal-bending hand-to-hand moves.
Command any vehicle on the battlefield. Leap from vehicle to vehicle and seize control of Sky Net or Tech Com weapons of war.
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