Terminator: Dawn of Fate
Genre Action -> FPS
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North America Retail Box ArtIts always darkest before the dawn. The year is 2027. The machines of Skynet have risen, reaping a bloody harvest of human flesh across the globe. You are a soldier of Tech Com, a ragged team of human resistance fighters intent upon stopping the overwhelming onslaught of cybernetic assassins in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Your ultimate goal is to reach a time travel device in time to send Kyle Reese back to 1984, with the hope of preventing a relentless Terminator model T-800 from murdering Sarah Connor, mother of resistance leader John Connor. If you fail in your mission, the resistance will crumble, and no one will survive the rise of the machines. The fate of humanity lies in your hands. Features: * The prequel story to James Camerons legendary sci-fi film, The Terminator * 3 unique playable characters, each with specialized skills and abilitiesincluding Kyle Reese, hero of the film * 11 massive, heart-pounding missions through radically diverse, richly-detailed, and highly-interactive environments * 15 enemy types with bleeding-edge AI, including the virtually unstoppable T-800 * Dynamic camera system for targeting Cyborgs with speed and accuracy * Never-before-seen weapons of wanton destruction allow for both missile and melee combat * 3rd and 1st person play modes * Revolutionary weapon-centric real-time lighting effects and shadowing * Heart-pounding action with an original soundtrack inspired by the film Specifications: 1 Player Memory Card (for PS2)- 105 KB Digital Control Analog Control
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