The Mummy Returns
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Publisher V.U.G.
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe Mummy Returns is the game of the film, and as if to prove it you get the movie trailer as part of the deal. Not surprisingly, then, the general plot of the film is followed--without giving too much away it's based around the fact that the tomb of Imhotep, a priest from ancient Egypt, has been uncovered by treasure hunters. Imhotep wants to be immortal, and in his case achieving his dream involves quite a bit of travel--including a trip to the British Museum in London. The really good thing about this game is that you can play either action hero Rick O'Connell or evil undead mummy Imhotep. Playing the baddie is usually much more fun and this game is no exception. Rick has plenty of weaponry to choose from in his quest but Imhotep has spells. The controls are easy to learn and while they alter in different situations there's a helpful on-screen prompt that explains what button performs which action. There are puzzles to solve as well as opponents to put out of action and you move through the levels quickly enough not to get bored with them. On the downside, the graphical quality isn't overly impressive considering this is a PS2 game, and the ever-panning view gets a bit irritating at times--we found ourselves leaping into oblivion by accident more than once--so regular saving became important. If you liked the film you'll probably find this game quite entertaining, though it has to be said that it isn't mould-breaking stuff. --Sandra Vogel
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