The Suffering
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date 2004-05-14
Publisher Midway
Date 2004-05-14
Publisher Midway
The Suffering The Suffering United Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe Suffering - a terrible evil was unleashed in a maximum security prison. A violent environment has been unspeakably brutal, and a young felon named Torque will have to survive & find answers in this dirty, gritty world. Explore the deepest recesses of the most horrible prison environment Dynamic lighting and shadowing effects, combined with frantic combat sequences, sure to shock & disturb players Multiple endings depending on how you play the game

- Experience nine terrifying levels -- traverse indoor & outdoor terrain, where horror waits around every corner
- As your Rage Meter fills, Torque will turn into a hideous and powerful creature
- Multiple deadly weapons, from shivs to Tommy guns -- you'll need them all to fight the horrifying monsters you'll face
- Brutal, gory details -- blood & fluids drip, pool and splatter as you travel on this chilling, stomach-turning journey
- Interact with the hardened criminals and determine their fate
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The Suffering North America Retail Box Art

The Suffering United Kingdom Retail Box Art