The Warriors
Genre Action -> Action
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Date 2005-10-18
Publisher Rockstar Games
Date 2005-10-21
Publisher Rockstar Games
The Warriors The Warriors United Kingdom Retail Box ArtIn a nutshell: The Warriors film is arguably the best gang film ever made and who better to bring its gritty, claustrophobic vision to the PS2 than Rockstar, the super-developer behind the GTA series. The Warrior's story is simple: when Messianic gang warlord Cyrus decides to unite New York’s underworld into one unstoppable NYPD-stomping force, he’s killed before his plan reaches fruition. The Warriors get the blame, meaning you have to fight your way home through 60,000 extremely angry, tooled-up gang members on a remorseless quest to make you bleed. And you don't have any guns--1970s New York gangsters had ethics, thank you very much. A brawler in the classic Streets of Rage style, this is fast moving, mission based gameplay at its best. Don some dodgy '70s clothes, pick up your baseball bat, and pray you get home in one piece. The lowdown: Based on the 1979 cult movie classic of the same name, The Warriors is about street fighting. Grabbing absolutely anything you can find from meat cleavers, to baseball bats to crowbars, the violence is intense and gritty -- with no guns available, the only option is to go hand-to-hand with New York’s nastiest. Most exciting moment: Get your Rage Meter high enough and unleash some imaginatively gruesome special moves, further ratcheting up the brutality in a game that’s already unnervingly violent. Since you ask: Stealing car radios and holding up convenience stores isn’t as easy as it looks. Specially created mini-games let you break into shops and cars and mug passers-by so you can save up for sweet, life-giving "Flash" -- just the thing for patching up those partially battered Warriors. The bottom line: Publisher Rockstar is well used to repackaging life on the streets, but let’s hope this mirrors the excellence of Grand Theft Auto rather than the dismal pointlessness of State of Emergency. Nick Gillett   When the fighting stopped, the mime competition began The Village People had let themselves go The Warriors would defend their bins to the bitter end They'd never seen leopard skin like it    

Rockstar has recreated and expanded on the storyline of the film to create a deep and compelling gameplay experience.
Authentic New York environments were reproduced in great detail to maintain the sense of style and atmosphere of The Warriors film. For example, Ferris wheel cars swing on the Wonder Wheel, and there are highly detailed textures for buildings and city streets.
Play as each of the nine Warriors throughout the game—Cleon, Ajax, Swan, Snow, Cochise, Cowboy, Rembrandt, Vermin and Fox. Each will serve as the leader of different missions in the game.
Three different fighting styles include: Street Fighting, Brawler, and Kung Fu.
Deep fighting system includes diving and tackling, reversals, tandem attacks with other Warriors, beating opponents while pinning them on the ground, dragging and throwing enemies into fences and walls, finishing them off with a stomp while they’re trying to crawl away, using grab attacks to cause serious damage, and much more.
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The Warriors North America Retail Box Art

The Warriors United Kingdom Retail Box Art